Through Sports & Aloha


Quarter Finals – Thursday, May 30, 2024 @ local high school gyms

Semi Finals – Friday, May 31, 2024 @ local high school gyms

FINALS – Saturday, June 1, 2024 @ Windward Mall

Overview of 7GEN Culture

7GEN Culture, an organization inspired by the Seventh Generation Principle, is committed to building upon a foundation of community, character, and culture based on the belief that the decisions made today shall influence the well-being of seven generations in the future. 7GEN Culture recognizes the power of sports to serve as a mechanism for individual and community growth and a driving force for sustainable tourism development in Hawai‘i. In addition, 7Gen emphasizes the positive influences of sports to foster enduring relationships and resilient communities. at the heart of this mission, 7GEN Culture organizes Hawai‘i’s most significant sports tourism events, which not only highlight athletic skill but also cultivates character development, cultural understanding, and the development of sustainable sports tourism in Hawai‘i.

7GEN Culture was founded in 2018 and is based out of kailua, Hawai‘i. our robust team brings together a rich tapestry of skills and experiences. From marketing and media expertise, environmental planning, and cultural preservation to education administration, sports leadership, technology, and finance, our collective strengths cover a wide spectrum. our diverse perspectives create a dynamic blend that positions 7GEN Culture at the forefront of innovation, cultural appreciation, and impactful ventures in Hawai‘i.

Ahupua‘a Centered Approach

Drawing inspiration from the Native Hawaiian ahupua’a system, where all the necessary resources, from mountain to the sea are present to provide for a sustainable community, 7GEN Culture brings all stakeholders together to put on events that are sustainable and mutually beneficial. This philosophy, which emphasizes collective strength and mutual benefit, guides everything from the organization of our events to our internal governance. We embody this principle daily, ensuring that our actions and events reflect the values of shared responsibility and rewards.

7GEN Culture’s influence on the sports industry and event hosting in Hawai‘i seamlessly integrates with four pillars of the Hawai‘i Tourism authority: Natural Resources, Hawaiian Culture, Community, and brand marketing. our fusion with these pillars creates a unique and authentic sports experience that not only showcases athletic prowess but also pays homage to the rich natural resources and cultural heritage of Hawai‘i. The events organized by 7GEN Culture serve as a platform to celebrate the island’s unique culture and environment, incorporating sustainable practices that align with the preservation of Hawai‘i’s natural resources.

Furthermore, the partnership between 7GEN Culture and Hawaiian culture creates a symbiotic relationship that amplifies the cultural significance of sports events. Through the incorporation of traditional Hawaiian practices, rituals, and storytelling into the sporting landscape, these events become more than just competitions; they transform into immersive cultural experiences that educate and engage attendees. The Hawai‘i community is an integral part of this collaboration, as 7GEN Culture actively involves local residents in the planning and execution of events, promoting a sense of ownership and pride. brand marketing strategies employed by 7GEN Culture ensure that these events are not only successful but also contribute positively to Hawai‘i’s image, attracting visitors and sponsors alike. Together, these pillars, along with effective planning and evaluation, fortify the Hawai‘i Tourism authority’s overall operations and elevate the island’s position as a premier destination for culturally rich and environmentally conscious sports tourism events.


TransPacific Volleyball Championships

The Largset Indoor Sporting Event in Hawaii Since 2023

Organized by 7GEN Culture, the TransPacific Volleyball Championships take place annually during the mlk weekend in Hawai‘i. Currently in its 6th year, the event serves as a foundation for 7GEN Culture’s ambitious plans to broaden its sporting events offerings significantly and to establish Hawai‘i as a multi-sport tourism hub. Grown organically and without governmental support, team registrations increased 486% from 2018 thru 2024, with the most significant growth coming from offshore teams.

Growth of TransPacific Since its Inception

TransPacific Championships & College Showcase

TransPacific Championships is an international event of high-level volleyball with teams expected from countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and the locally from Hawaii as well as the U.S. Mainland and American Samoa. This AAU sanctioned super regional event guarantees a free entry for winners into the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Florida, the West Coast Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, or the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Luau - The Largest Grass Volleyball Tournament in Hawaii

The Luau is the largest grass volleyball tournament in the State of Hawai‘i located on the beautiful grounds of Kailua District Park on O‘ahu’s windward side. This one-day outdoor tournament features athletes of all ages, genders and skill levels. The Luau includes a youth’s, women’s and men’s division and a co-ed industry division where businesses and companies can participate and compete. We also have teams participating from the U.S. Mainland and the International communities. All teams will be playing for the opportunity to place and win various prizes.

All Events in 2024

7Gen Culture has a line-up of events already scheduled for 2024. The events incorporate an exciting point system, where teams collect points throughout the season. At the end of the season, the top teams with the most overall points get to compete for the Hawaii Club Volleyball Championships that will take place inside Windward Mall on June 1, 2024



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